Friday, May 26, 2017

The God of Times and Seasons

Some things you just can't make up.
Check this out . . .

March 22, 2017 - Jason's Drill Instructor Graduation

April 23, 2017 - Evan Gabriel is born
May 23, 2017 - David's Ordination
Each celebration exactly one month apart! Pretty cool, right? We couldn't have planned this if we tried!
I wonder what June 23 will bring?? Hmmm . . .  
To piggyback on my post from yesterday, there have been many graduations and celebrations in the lives of the Womelsdorf's this spring. From the rigors of drill instructor school for Jason and the joy of graduating, to the birth of Jason and Cortnie's firstborn son one month later, to the ordination of David as an AG minister the next month...life has been full of joy for our entire family, and we celebrate together.
Countless hours, days, months and years of hard work and sacrifice are represented behind each victory. Jason earned the title of U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor after 12 grueling weeks of school. (Do you think maybe there were times he felt like he wasn't going to make it? Probably so!) Cortnie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after laboring for hours to bring him safely into this world. (Labor is not easy. Do you think maybe Cortnie wished there was an easier way? Probably so!) David has studied countless hours and has been in fulltime ministry now for 7 successful years before his ordination this week. (Do you think maybe there were times that ministry was hard and lonely, and that the path to this honor seemed overwhelming? Probably so!) And all of the hard work, sacrifices, and efforts that went on behind the scenes make these successes even sweeter. The rewards represented in the lives of Jason, Cortnie and David in the past 3 months are a direct result of their faithfulness and diligence behind the scenes. And this is their God appointed season to be honored.
Times and seasons.
We all understand times and seasons - spring and summer, fall and winter. And it's comforting to know that just as God has held this season of reward in the lives of my children, He also holds all of our seasons in His hands.
At times, seasons can be brutal.
But that's okay . . .

Sometimes spring comes in the middle of our winter.
Victory comes after every struggle.
Laughter comes after every tear.
When we are in the middle of a really tough time in life, it's time to hold on - God will strengthen us.
When we are lonely and discouraged, it's time to hold on - God is our best friend.
When we are shooting for a goal that seems unattainable, it's time to hold on - God will help fulfill our every dream.
When we are bored and life seems monotonous, it's time to hold on - God is about to do something new.
When we trust that God has ordered our days and is directing our steps, we can patiently endure every winter knowing that spring is coming.
I pray that God will abundantly bless and reward each of you as you trust Him in your season of life. He holds your future and is making something beautiful out of every situation. He is faithful and is the master at pearl making.
All my love,

The beauty that comes from trusting God with all of our days.
May The Lord bless you and protect you.
May The Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May The Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.

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  1. "God will never call you to something that you can do on your own." These words have been ringing in my head all week long. As the pastor spoke them my spirit immediately ignited within me something fierce that was undeniably the truth that God wanted to impress upon my heart yet again. It was especially meaningful to me as Cortnie, Olivia, Evan and I journey these next three years of active duty service in San Diego. While these words were most recently spoken by the pastor in my life at the moment, these words were a pinnacle lesson that you taught each one of your children so many years ago and then followed up on through your daily living. Giving up was never an option for you; we strive to mirror that kind of resolve and strength! Thank you, Mom, for never allowing yourself to take the more commonly traveled road just because it was easier. So many times throughout our lives you did the hard thing because it was the right thing; the thing you knew God had spoken to you to do. We saw how the Lord rewarded that kind of abandoned trust in your life and knew he would do it for us as well if we stayed under the umbrella of his protection and grace. Therefore, when it came time for each of us to launch out into the respective callings the Lord had destined for us, the decision to obey was not a decision at all. It was the way! Thank you for the honor you showed to David, Brittanica, Cortnie and I through this post. You are so much a part of our successes. Thank you for your unwavering support, prayers and love! We couldn't have done life without you! Love you, Mom!