Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grandma Moses Steps Out

Moses parting the Red Sea
From the beginning of his life to the end, Moses was a man of faith. God had a plan for him that was much bigger than he could have ever imagined.
Let's take a quick look at the life of Moses.
Moses was born at a time when the children of Israel were living in slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh was so threatened by the growing numbers of Israelites that he put out an order to have all the male babies killed. Moses' mother put him in a basket in the river where he was found by the daughter of Pharaoh. Pharaoh's daughter raised him as her own in Egypt. But that did not change the fact that Moses was a Hebrew.
Fast forward 40 years. Again, 40 years - a time of testing followed by a period of blessing. God heard the cries of His people under Egyptian bondage and told Moses that he would be the one to lead them out of captivity into a Promised Land - a land flowing with milk and honey. Moses felt completely inadequate and told God that he was slow of speech and tongue. God took what was in Moses' hand, his staff, and his mouth - God would use both. Moses needed to obey God and have faith - to trust Him even in his weaknesses.
Moses went to Pharaoh and asked that he set the children of Israel free. And of course, Pharaoh did not. Even after God sent 10 plagues to Egypt, Pharaoh's heart never softened. The final plague though, the death of all Egypt's firstborn, broke Pharaoh enough that he agreed to let the Israelites go. But of course, once again, Pharaoh changed his mind and pursued them with his entire army to bring them back. The Israelites were stuck at the shores of the Red Sea and had nowhere to go. If they went forward, they would drown in the Red Sea. If they went back, they would be captured by the Egyptian army. The only thing that would save them was a miracle from God.
Moses stepped up in the middle of a hopeless situation and told the Israelites to stand still and watch as God went to battle on their behalf. As Moses lifted his rod to the sky, God parted the Red Sea, and the children of Israel were able to cross on dry land. What an incredible sight that must have been! Millions of Israelites crossing the Red Sea with columns of water being held up on each side of them. God provided a miraculous way of escape for them. 430 years of slavery and bondage have now become a future of freedom.
Amazing story, right? But why am I talking about Moses today?
Because Moses is my hero. His life was spared because God wanted to use him.
I desire for God to use me. 
Even in his lack of self confidence and his inability to speak, God spoke through him.
I desire for God to speak through me.
Even though he had only a rod in his hand, God used it.
I desire that God use my gifts and talents for Him.
Even though he faced insurmountable obstacles, God miraculously delivered him.
Through every midnight, and every valley, and every Red Sea, God has delivered me.
And even though he knew that God instructed him to follow without knowing where he was going, Moses obeyed. And he trusted.
That I, like Moses, will always have the courage to follow God's leading and step into the unknown.
I feel like Grandma-Moses. Today I am announcing that I am leaving the safety and security of the life I have known for the past 17 years. I am moving to Chicago.
Millions of souls
Yes, it's true. I am following after what I believe is God's next step for me in this journey of life. I am following after my heart. God has opened a door of opportunity for me, and I feel that this is the time to walk through that door.
For more than 20 years I have worked 2-3 jobs to provide for my family. God has strengthened and sustained me through the years, but honestly, it has been exhausting to say the least. I am proud of the fact though, that all 5 of my children have followed this example and also value a job well done. My youngest child graduated from college 2 years ago, and I have remained in my home and jobs even though none of my children have lived near me for the past 5 years. I have felt isolated and alone.
Two of my adult children live in Chicago - my son David, his wife Brittanica, and 3 of my grandbabies, as well as my daughter, Heidi. I want to be near them. In addition, David and Brittanica are starting a new church plant, VIVE Church Chicago, which will launch in September, 2018. I want to be involved in this new church. I want to be close to my children as we work together in life and ministry. Plus, for the first time in forever I will only work one job. Hallelujah!
Truth is, though, I am scared. I'm nervous about leaving my comfort zone, my "cocoon." Facing a huge life change with all of its "what if's" and uncertainties and adjustments.
So I, like Moses, am pulling my self together, gathering up all of my courage, and I'm stepping into the waters of my future. My Red Sea. I will trust and obey. I know that God will part the waters for me and will do miracles on my behalf. The same God who has miraculously provided for me in the past is the same God who will provide for me now. Because in the end, it's not all about me. It's about the many, many souls out there who are hurting and who need to experience the truth of God's love. Precious souls who need deliverance from bondage. This is more important to me than my comfort and security. 
My heart is full knowing that I will be closer to family. But I am also praying that as I go into this land of the unknown, that it become a Promised Land for me, and for many others! I'm giving God what's in my hand - my rod. My prayer is as I write, and as I speak, and as I make new friends, that God will use my life to touch and encourage many. I desire to birth ministry to help provide basic needs - shelter, food, clothing - to families in need. Especially single mamas. To give them dignity, respect, safety, and encouragement. Life. To provide community to the lonely. To give people Jesus.
So, dear friends, thank you for reading today. And thank you for praying for me in the coming days and weeks of transition. Please pray that God will lead me to the perfect little home where joy will be plentiful and friends will be welcome. And if any of you are in the Chicagoland area, please visit me!
Once again, thank you for your love and support. My heart is greatly encouraged by your friendship. Let's all have the courage to have faith, trust God and "step out."
All my love,
May The Lord bless you and protect you.
May The Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May The Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.

Pearls of the future - Chicagoland and beyond.


  1. Mom, we all knew this move was coming, and I am happy that it is finally a reality. While I know that it is tremendously difficult for you to leave your friends and memories behind, I am proud of you for having the courage to step out in faith again. You never cease to amaze me in your untamed abandonment to trusting that the Lord will bless your actions as you listen to Him and follow his leading. The foundational work for this move has been ready for quite some time and the field is white with opportunity. There are so many people waiting to hear what you have to say; it's a good thing that your mind is an encyclopedic collection of plenty of material. Those who share a personal relationship with Jesus will be encouraged by those stories while those who have yet to realize that freedom will feel provoked to take action on pursuing that kind of personal relationship for themselves. I'm so incredibly proud of you! I know it's not easy for you to leave everything behind; that's alright. You're doing it anyway. I know your scared; you're gathering up your courage and acting anyway. I know you have heard the Lord speak to you that now is the time. Go forward in His grace! The model of freedom you display to the world as a result of trusting and following the Lord will inspire more people than you will ever know. Thank you for teaching us again that when the Lord says it's time to move you just smile and say, "Not as I would, Lord but as you will. I trust you and will follow you."

    1. Thank you so much, Jason, once again for your words that honor me and humble me. I am so proud of you and the life of obedience you live also. This faith walk that we all share as a family is wonderful! May God's blessings follow our entire family as we follow and trust Him. I love you and am so proud of you!

  2. Wow! We will certainly keep you in our prayers. ¡Vaya con Dios!

    1. Thank you so much, Cliff and Joleen! I appreciate your love, support and prayers! We never get too old to walk this faith adventure, right? Many blessings to you!

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