Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Welcome to our World, Jack!

David, Brittanica and newborn son, Jack. Beautiful!
Welcome to our world, Jack Michael Womelsdorf!
This week, my third born son welcomed into his little family his third born son. Funny thing is that Jack was the exact same weight and length as his daddy. Pretty awesome! Jack is already following closely in his daddy's footsteps which is a wonderful thing!
David, Brittanica, Johnny, Jovi and Jack. Such a beautiful family.
The new family of 5!
Johnny and Jovi already loving on their new baby brother.

Isn't it sweet how even very young children instinctively know how to care for tiny babies? Especially when the new tiny is their sibling.
The cousins first meeting. Evan and Jack are sure to be best friends. Look at those faces!

The ever growing Womelsdorf family. We are beyond blessed!
Something wonderful and magical takes place in the days surrounding the birth of a baby.
We are reminded once again of the incredible strength, courage and selflessness of women as they bring new life into the world. New mamas labor for hours, they don't sleep for weeks/months, they tend to their baby's every need without thinking of themselves for a moment, and they want the very best for their child from the first glance.
May we all be like a new mama and selflessly serve those around us.
We all look at a baby, especially a newborn, and are awestruck at how beautiful and precious they are. They are perfectly helpless and depend on the care of a loving family to keep them alive. They never worry about their next meal - they know that mama and daddy are never far away and will feed them anytime/anywhere they are hungry. They wholeheartedly trust.
May we all be like a newborn baby and trust that our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally will feed us, sustain us, and meet our every need.
Babies are new and fresh. They have no past - only a future. They are little sponges and soak up the world around them. Babies represent everything that is pure and innocent in a world full of perversion.
May we all strive to shield ourselves from anything that would cause us to not live up to our full potential.
When a baby is born, family and friends come from near and far to celebrate the new life. Everyone wants to hold the baby and smother him with love. Newborns absolutely bring out the best in us. We become loving, giving and encouraging. Everyone surrounding the family wants to help in any way possible in the days of adjustment following a birth. And new moms and dads receive the love and help with joy.
May we all be willing to humbly receive help from others when needed.
For those of us who are grandparents, the pride we feel when we watch our sons and daughters becoming moms and dads is indescribable! To watch our "babies" raising their babies and serving their families selflessly - well, it's joy upon joy upon joy.
Maybe we did something right.
While this post is to celebrate the new addition to the Womelsdorf family, my prayer is that we can appreciate the life God has given each one of us. Life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. Let's live the life that others want to follow. During times of blessing, let's be mindful to thank the Lord for His love and grace given to us without measure. During times of transition, pain, uncertainty and doubt, let's remember that just as a mom cares for her young, so will God care for us and provide everything we need.
Babies don't worry about tomorrow, so neither should we.
Thank you for celebrating with our family this week. My heart is full.
All my love,
May The Lord bless you and protect you.
May The Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May The Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.
My precious little pearls.

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  1. "Let's live the life that others want to follow." An appropriate statement from a lady who has embodied this philosophy my entire life. Mom, you have selflessly given of yourself time-after-time-after-time often receiving no gratitude or appreciation for the actions you chose to employ to ensure we all had everything we needed or even wanted. For all those times (missed opportunities)...THANK YOU! I'm grateful to you for teaching me how to have trust like that of a baby. Only a portion of your legacy is that you take every life event in our family and turn it into a lesson you know is a message the Lord has given to you for yourself and for others, as well. The courage you displayed to become a parent, to raise godly children, to be a follower of Jesus and to proclaim His love and His purpose for others is a decision we strive to emulate. You are legendary and definitely did so much right. I'm proud to claim you as my mom!